What We Do

Audio-Visual Productions

Right from content conceptualization to the delivery of the final master, on any platform, we have the best infrastructure and expertise for production of multimedia and AV suiting all budgets.


With a state-of-the-art full fledged digital studio, and continuous upgradation, we offer complete post-production, under one roof.

Special Effect (Audio-Video)

Audio-Visual effects, as now referred to as AVFX, are the in-thing and add to the value of any content. We, over the decades have specialised in providing suitable subtle effects which enhance the quality of the production without distracting attention from the actual topic.

Multi-Camera live video recording &
Web Streaming

4K and Full-HD Multi-camera setup with online and offline editing facilities are offered WITH ALL IN-HOUSE EQUIPMENT.  The setup has been designed to cover live events, concerts as well as recording of Reality shows with complete precision and skilled firmware.

Ask for any platform, embedding in your site, or FB/Youtube – at full quality. We have the facility to stream your content anywhere, anytime. Also, we have tie-ups with leading ISPs to provide high-speed uninterrupted data connections (upto 1Gbps).


Music Composing and Arranging

Our Founder : Late Sri H. Vasant – Grade-I music composer of Prasar Bharti, and UP’s most respected name in the field of Music, trained and empowered our team to continue his legacy. Check out these links for a better experience….

Sound Recording

Good acoustics form the foundation of any sound-recording facility. Our digital audio studio boasts of three-layer acoustics, ultra-modern facilities and plugins for Pitch-Correction, Voice modulation and synthesis.  Korg PA-5X Arranger Workstation, and Nuendo with 8-in-4-out M-Audio interface makes audio recording a cakewalk….

Voice-overs (with a bank of reputed VO artists)

A good voice-over is one of the most important components of a production. Each client has a different taste and need for the voice quality. Understanding this, we have created a huge bank of VO artists from various parts of India- in different languages. Artists have been sorted as per their remuneration, which is the most important concern for the producer.

Multi-language scripting and translation services

A production, in today’s scenario, cannot be just limited to a particular language. With online content, language translations have become imperative for any production. We offer translation services in various National and International languages, done by professionals who can match word-to-word translation, and transcription, for frame-accurate dialogues and crisp video cutting.

BRD/DVD/CD Mastering and Duplication

You name it – We have it. Blue-Ray Disc, DVD, CD and now SONY PROFESSIONAL DISC media. We have all recording and mastering facilities.